Samsung targets kids in its latest effort to co-opt Android

Samsung today announced a partnership with the children’s mobile technology company Fingerprint to build a mobile app network for children from three to seven years old. The service, which will be available on Samsung devices starting in Southeast Asia and Oceania starting early next year, will curate educational Android apps under a single account for families and will deliver personalized reporting, content recommendations and access controls for each of their kids. Fingerprint is committing $1 million to the effort, which will be part of Samsung’s Kids’ Play-and-Learn Content Initiative.

While it isn’t exactly a blockbuster announcement — the companies have yet to address markets such as North America, Europe or Japan, as my colleague Lauren Hockenson noted — the move is part of Samsung’s larger strategy to create its own ecosystem within the larger world of Android. I’ve long thought big opportunities exist for players who can curate Android titles from specific genres, and as a parent of youngsters I see the appeal of a storefront specializing in quality, educational apps for kids. It will be interesting to see whether the move enables Samsung to ramp up app revenues as well as selling more devices.