Treading the fine line of AWS love and fear of lock in

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Should startups stick with cloud even after they’ve been around for awhile?  Some say probably not, but CTO Andrew Montalenti has argued that for most startups it’s best to stick with cloud — Amazon(s amzn) Web Services specifically.

AWS achieves economies of scale which, he said, you can’t achieve in a colo site or in your own server room.  Montalenti talks more about his company’s decision to stick with cloud on this week’s podcast. He is a big AWS fan but one who also draws the line when it comes to higher level AWS services which he avoids. Why?  that age-old fear of vendor lock-in.If you share his view, you should probably know about  the Apache libcloud project

But first, Derrick Harris and I hash out how Netflix has helped its cause by finding a way to dynamically stream workloads across AWS regions.  Hopefully, that means no repeats of last year’s Christmas Eve meltdown. 

It’s a fun one, so have a listen.

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Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris

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