SaltStack signs on for Google Cloud

Google(s goog) wants to attract more developers to its now-generally-available Google Cloud Platform so it can make headway, vis-a-vis Amazon Web Services(s amzn). SaltStack wants to make headway against configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet. So, it makes sense that the two companies would parlay this into a partnership and a PR opportunity.

Google Cloud logoAnd so they have, SaltStack and its Python-oriented configuration- and systems-management tool supports the Google Compute Engine, so developers can put their code into production on that cloud quickly, and then manage and run it there.

Salt Lake City-based SaltStack, which won Gigaom’s Structure Launchpad contest last year, is giving some of those more established configuration management tools a run for their money of late. It makes sense for it to support all the major clouds and Google wants as many on ramps to its public cloud as possible.