Samsung and Philips raided by European antitrust authorities

Samsung and Philips have been raided, along with other electronics firms, by European authorities over antitrust concerns.

The European Commission said on Thursday that, on Tuesday of this week, it had carried out unannounced inspections in several EU countries, with the targets being companies that “may have put in place restrictions on online sales of consumer electronic products and small domestic appliances.”

On Friday, Samsung and Philips said they were among those targeted in the raids. The companies said they were cooperating with the EU antitrust regulators.

The authorities themselves haven’t said which companies they raided – they never do when they haven’t yet launched a full-blown investigation, as is the case here. If the inspections turn up evidence of anti-competitive practices, we will no doubt see a proper investigation follow in due course.

I’ve asked the Commission for further details – while I don’t expect to get any at this point, I will add them in if they arrive.