These little stickers make crafty working circuits

Simple circuits are, well, simple, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always perfect. To transform circuit-building into an easy craft, maker Andrew “bunnie” Huang and MIT PhD student Jie Qi created Circuit Stickers: a $25 kit filled with flat, sticky lights and sensors that work when combined with conductive material.

Circuit stickers can work with any conductive material, including copper tape, conductive thread and even the nifty Circuit Scribe pen. The kit, which is available on CrowdSupply and will ship in May, includes both white and colored LED stickers and all the trimmings to make a circuit. But bunnie and Qi are also offering a wide range of advanced sensors, including effects stickers, sensors, and even microcontrollers.

Check out the video below:

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These stickers accomplish two important things. First, they take circuits out of the traditional breadboard environment (including plenty of wires) and allow it to go pretty much anywhere. Because the stickers can stick (and oftentimes re-stick) to a variety of surfaces inconspicuously, users can get creative with how they use the system. Secondly, it lowers the entry barrier to learning about circuits in a big way, by connecting the concepts with a familiar arts and crafts tone.

As of right now, the project has raised more than $42,000, and will be available for purchase until early January.