The continuing evolution of the mobile business app ecosystem

Over the last six months we have witnessed a surge in mobile apps designed for business users. In connection with a recent Emergence event dedicated to the entrepreneurs building these apps, we updated our Mobile Business App Landscape. Back in May, we had 90 companies on the on the landscape. Today we have over 150. We are excited to share the latest version:


The changes we’ve seen in the mobile business app market over the past six months fall into three key areas:

  • Two verticals, healthcare and real estate, have experienced a surge of company creation activity. We added six new companies to the healthcare category, including Biomeme, Tiatros, Nephosity, Mediagram, and Smartindoor. Within the real estate vertical, we could barely fit all of the new companies in one box. New companies include FotoIN, FotoNotes, Dotloop, Geedra, Reesio, Aptexx and TouchCMA.
  • We also noticed a dramatic increase in the number of business productivity apps. As a result, we decided to split the productivity category into five sub-categories: content, communication, task management & calendar, mobile forms, and other. Communication represents the biggest sub-category and includes a number of new enterprise communication apps such as Cotap, Zula, and Branchout. In addition, we’ve seen a significant number of new tablet-based presentation creation and viewing apps emerge since our last landscape.
  • When it comes to apps that target specific business functions, we’ve seen the most new companies created in sales, marketing and service. In particular, we noted the introduction of many new apps focused on increasing the productivity of sales reps. At Emergence, we are excited to continue tracking the fast-growing ecosystem of mobile business apps. Our next landscape update will be published in the second quarter of 2014.

Kevin Spain is a general partner at Emergence Capital Partners.