Mobile browsers top 20% for web use around the world

What happens as PC sales decline while smartphones and tablets continue to be bought in greater numbers? A noticeable¬†shift in which computing activities take place and perhaps that’s no more evident than in web browsers.

According to the latest data from StatCounter, mobile web browsers accounted for more than 20 percent of all global browsing for the first time ever.

mobile vs desktop browsing 2013

Computerworld noticed the mobile milestone on Monday, pointing out that mobile’s share of browsing has risen 53 percent this year: In January, smartphones and tablets only accounted for 13 percent of global web surfing.

I doubt this specific data-point will further scare PC-makers; they’ve been watching sales fall for months as 2013 PC sales are expected to be down to 2008 levels. Instead, these figures further illustrate the importance for PC-makers to have a successful mobile strategy as people shift their computing activities from traditional computers to connected handhelds. Too bad they didn’t see this coming as early as 2010!