Software projects are the ultimate game. Learn how to master them

Managing software development can seem like a real-life video game, complete with fireballs, mages and warlocks. But just like an old-school Konami code, savvy organizations have learned a few cheat codes of their own that can help keep software projects on track.

Recover from all of those drive-by feature requests
Battling a barrage of out-of-scope feature requests can leave you frustrated and depleted. The key to recovering your health is visibility. Knowing the real impact — in terms of developer resources and project timelines — of a new request is the data you need to drive the right conversation.

Power up with more efficient ways to prioritize
In the world of agile, the success of a software development project rests largely on how well you stay focused on the top priorities — and staying focused depends on your workflow. An automated yet flexible development workflow gives you the power up you need to keep feature requests, stories and product releases in perfect alignment.

Conquer the chaos with better collaboration
A daily stand-up meeting is a great way to ensure alignment — unless your development team is in multiple locations. That type of coordination requires social collaboration that not only spans organizational and geographic boundaries but also provides conversations with context.

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