Apple TV gets live news programming with Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV launched an app on Apple (s AAPL) TV devices Wednesday morning that includes a live feed of the cable networks financial news programming as well as access to on-demand videos. The live feed is available without authentication, something that Bloomberg TV Head of Mobile¬†Oke Okaro attributed to the channel’s agreements with pay TV operators during a recent interview, which differ from those in place for many other news networks.

Bloomberg TV’s relationship with pay TV operators has been a point of contention in the past, with Bloomberg suing Comcast to prevent the operator from placing the channel in the triple digits, away from most other news networks.

However,¬†Okaro argued that the new Apple TV channel is not a way to bypass pay TV operators. Instead, he said, it’s a possibility to get a bigger audience for on-demand programming that has been particularly successful on mobile. “Those things have been paying really good dividends,” he said, adding that Bloomberg has seen triple-digit growth in mobile video year-over-year.

Bloomberg now wants to bring its app to other smart TV platforms, Okaro said: “This is an area that we are very committed to.”

Apple also added Disney’s Watch ABC app, Sony’s Crackle and the Korean TV app KORTV to the Apple TV Wednesday.