OS X video chat app Rabbit gets ready to hop onto the web

Rabbit, the video chat app that launched into an OS X-only private beta earlier this year, is getting ready to unveil a browser-based version that has specifically been built for third-party websites. The new product, which will be separate from Rabbit’s existing client, will allow any publisher to integrate video chat rooms into their own sites, where it can be used to watch videos and consume other types of media together.

Rabbit is slated to announce the new product at the TV of Tomorrow show in New York Wednesday, and will demonstrate it with first partners at CES in Las Vegas. Rabbit CEO Michael Temkin told me Tuesday that the company is using WebRTC for it product, which is why it will initially just work on Chrome (S GOOG) and Firefox. However, Rabbit plans to bring the web-based product to other browsers in the next six months as well.

Rabbit co-founder Nicholas Reichenbach told me Tuesday that the company has no immediate plans to bring its original chat client to the web as well, but that it wants to make it available on additional platforms in the near future.

Reichenbach seemed committed to the company’s native client, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Rabbit was going to focus exclusively on web-based video chats for publishers at some point. After all, such an offering has a much clearer revenue model: Rabbit plans to charge larger websites for adding video chat functionality.