Turning big data into bigger and better mobile marketing

The huge potential for mobile marketing is now being realized, and this sector is growing at a significant rate. Untargeted advertisements provide little value for consumers and low returns for marketers. Thankfully, the wealth of insights travelling across the multiple silos of mobile networks could be the key to mobile marketing success. Guavus‘ big data analytics solutions provide insights that enable marketers to deliver the right advertisement to the right consumer in the right place and context and at the right time.

Marketers must provide something that represents real value in return as a means of encouraging consumers to allow their operators to share their data with them. As such, any advertisement or offer must be tailored to the individual subscriber. It is here that analysis of subscriber data is essential, giving mobile marketers insight into subscriber usage behaviors that will enable them to ensure their messages are relevant to that audience.

In order to achieve long-term success in this space, two things need to happen: First, operators need to provide transparency over how subscriber data is being used, giving subscribers the ability to opt in or out as they choose. Second, marketers need to respond to the data gauntlet that has been placed before them and transform their content so that it provides real value for consumers on an individual level. Once these things are achieved, mobile marketing will deliver tremendous value to consumers and drive serious revenues.