Twitter partners up with Truecaller to link user accounts with caller ID in India

Truecaller, a Swedish company that runs a reverse-lookup phone directory so users can see who’s calling them, is particularly big in India. So it makes sense that that’s where the company is launching its new partnership with Twitter(s twtr).

The deal represents a handy bit of integration between the two services. When someone calls a Truecaller user in India, the app will tell them whether the caller’s number is associated with a Twitter account. They can then tweet at or follow the caller – however, this doesn’t make the Truecaller app a fully-fledged third-party Twitter client, as users can’t reply to tweets or see timelines.

As for how phone numbers are associated with Twitter accounts in the first place, Truecaller didn’t offer any explanation. However, it’s worth remembering that Twitter’s two-step authentication process involves registering a phone number, and also that carriers in many emerging markets offer low-cost social media access through the use of data compression technology, which would again tie the account to a number.

“With this new integration, a Truecaller user can instantly tweet back to a missed call that has a Twitter account connected to the phone number,” Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi said in a statement. “This is especially valuable for users in India who are looking for a fast, free and reliable way to communicate.”

The service is available for Android(s goog) users first, which makes sense given the target market, and iOS(s aapl) will follow in 2014.