With a new brand, Rezence hopes to re-charge the wireless power industry

Consumers no longer have to remember what A4WP stands for — it’s the Alliance for Wireless Power, for the curious — thanks to a new brand name and flashy logo. The wireless consortium now goes by the name Rezence, which is a little more consumer-friendly.

Rezence boasts around 70 members, including heavy-hitters Intel(s intc), Samsung, LG and Qualcomm(s qcom), which is actually a member of all of the major wireless charging groups; it hopes to blend the best of all the technologies and push a more uniform standard. Until that happens, Rezence will continue to compete against the Wireless Power Consortium and the Power Matters Alliance.

One key benefit Rezence technology offers over my current wireless charging preference — I use products with the Qi standard for my iPhone 5s(s aapl) and other devices — is support for multiple device charging on a single surface. I like that feature as you don’t have to place a phone on a specific place; you can just drop a device, or devices, on a charging surface and the battery starts refilling.

It’s also worth noting that the Bluetooth SIG decided to partner with Rezence over its competitors in October. The idea here is that Bluetooth support could make the charging experience more efficient as devices could actually communicate with the charging pads.