Bitcoin no longer bunk? AT&T wants to peek at your searches, and Verizon’s LTE Kaiju!

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Instagram (s FB) shminstagram. Rather using this week’s Gigaom Show to discuss the messaging app we already saw coming, we turned our attention to much hotter topics. Jeff Roberts breaks down whether the $25 million dollar investment in Coinbase is a turning point for Bitcoin. Then Austin-ite Stacey Higginbotham clues us into AT&T’s new plan to offer cheaper broadband in exchange for the telco snooping on your searches. Finally we round out the episode with a discussion about Verizion’s (s VZN) monster new LTE network and deep discussion on the ability to unlock one’s phone.

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A $25 million bet on Bitcoin: is this really the “tipping point?”

AT&T’s gigabit service is $70 if you let it spy on your searches

Verizon quietly unleashes its LTE monster, tripling 4G capacity in major cities

Let freedom ring: Phone unlocking is about to get easier in the US