Everything is illuminated: ARM buys games lighting outfit Geomerics

ARM(s armh), the British chip design firm whose technology underpins most mobile devices today, has bought another British company called Geomerics for its graphics technology.

Geomerics produces dynamic illumination technology called Enlighten, which is used mostly in PC, mobile and console games to make graphics look more natural. ARM doesn’t have much of a presence in consoles, beyond the Ouya, but its statement on Friday indicated that it would continue to support Geomerics development for such platforms.

In a Q&A post, Geomerics said it had been partners with ARM for two years and – “as ARM becomes increasingly active in the games space” – a lot of unnecessary overlap between the companies’ activities became apparent.

“ARM acquired Geomerics to further enhance their ecosystem and expertise around high end games developers in addition to the suitability of the technology for mobile devices,” the post read. “Geomerics will continue to push for the highest graphical quality across all platforms including both console and mobile.”

ARM has been on a bit of an acquisition spree in recent months, and graphics is a clear focus – in September, the company bought display controller technology from Cadence.