Short takes: Wunderlist is getting chat, iOS dominates small and medium business, Huddle adds notes

Wunderkinder is looking to integrate chat capabilities into the popular Wunderlist task management solution (Wunderlist Pro adds sharing features but falls shortShort takes: Oracle investors dissent, Wunderlist raises $30M, and Aaron Gignan on ‘lean, mean, learning machines’) by acquiring the technical assets of Moped. This looks less like an acquihire than fire sale. It’s unclear if any of the Moped team are coming along with the code. At any rate, the Moped service is shutting down 31 December.

Intermedia’s 2013 Small + Medium Business Mobile Trends Report shows that Apple iOS rules the small and medium business market with 190,000 Apple companion devices activated in the first 10 months of 2013 out of 250,000 overall. Samsung is now #2, with 29,000, edging out #3 Motorola with 13,800.

This is additional evidence in support of Brian Blair’s predictions about Apple iOS attractiveness to business customers because of concerns about Android malware (see Amazon Workspaces now on iPad).

Huddle, the work management company, has announced Note, a new capability within Huddle. Huddle Notes are simply formatted documents that permit the sharing of semi-structured business information, like agendas or meeting notes, all managed with the work context of Huddle. Notes have threaded comments, and can be shared like other information types. They can be considered a better solution that creating certain documents externally, in Word or Textedit.

Here’s an example on iPhone, showing two screens: the comment thread on a Note (left), and the contents (right).

Huddle-Note-iOS-Screenshot works