Yahoo Mail dirt nap drives users nuts

The great Yahoo Mail outage is driving Yahoo users nuts, after last week’s hardware issues in one of Yahoo’s data centers knocked out mail service for many users. The Mail problems are ironed out for most people, according to Yahoo, but anyone who accesses their email with a third-party desktop or mobile app may still have issues.

Yahoo said it has restored POP mail access for all affected users who access their mail using a third-party client. The company was still working on restoring IMAP service, which (like POP) allows you to retrieve mail with a third-party program.

The use of cloud-based e-mail systems, such as Yahoo and Google, requires a great deal of reliability that users expect.  Of course, most do not pay for their Yahoo (and other) e-mail services, so, perhaps you get what you pay for.

The problem is that most people are married to their e-mail addresses, so it’s tough to switch.  Want proof?  Just look at the number of AOL addresses that are still in use.

Yahoo will need some time to recover from the issues they faced last week, and build ways to avoid the problems into the future.  However, with the choices around e-mail services these days, it will clearly cost them users.