Bamboo back for Moto X now available…. for a $100 premium

Good news if you’ve been pining for a Moto X(s goog) with a wooden back, provided you’ve got the coin to make it happen. Motorola added one wood option — bamboo — to its Moto Maker site on Tuesday, notes 9to5Google, after teasing it over the past weekend. Don’t expect to get your new handset quickly though; choosing this option means it will take longer to get your phone and it will cost you a $100 premium.

moto x wood

That’s double the rumored $50 add, but then again, that was just a rumor. Motorola never officially set an expectation of the wood back price when launching the phone in August. It only said it hoped to have the option available by year-end. It’s also unfortunate to have just one wood option now. Nothing against bamboo, I actually love that look as we have some bamboo flooring in our home. But Motorola showed off several different wood back concepts from different trees back in August. If you liked one of these more than bamboo, you’ll have to wait.

At a $100 price premium, I think this is a tough sell for a phone that’s now five months old. Even out of the gate it would be considered expensive by many, but people might be more inclined to make the investment early in the phone’s life-cycle. And there’s no available option for current Moto X owners to swap out their handset backing for one made of wood. I would have considered that if it was an option; particularly if it was less expensive. For now, I’ll just do what many Moto X owners are likely to do: Be happy with the custom color phone I designed.