Google Glass app, MyGlass, now available for iOS users (Update: App is pulled)

Using Google Glass(s goog) with an iPhone(s aapl) got a lot easier — and better — on Tuesday: iClarified notes that Google released an iOS version of its MyGlass app. Until now, MyGlass was only available as an Android app. The software will let iOS owners get much more out of their Google Glass wearable.

Google Glass for iOS

Without MyGlass, using Glass with an iPhone was very limited; the device was more like a Bluetooth-enabled headset and didn’t offer deep integration between the wearable and the phone. MyGlass changes that, bringing support for Glassware app installations, screen mirroring, device configuration and easier ways to share photos taken from Google Glass.

While the app is freely available in the iTunes App Store, it’s essentially worthless without the $1,500 Google Glass hardware. If you do have Glass, and an iPhone, the new MyGlass app will raise the Google Glass experience factor by a large magnitude so that Android handset owners don’t have all the fun.

Update at 10:55am PT: And just like that the app is pulled, less than an hour after first spotted. I’m reaching out to Google and Apple for comment to see why. It’s possible that Glass itself will require a software update and worth noting that Google hasn’t released its December update for Glass yet.