New Google Glass update includes MyGlass iOS support, Hangouts and more

Google’s monthly software update for Google Glass arrived on Tuesday bringing support for an iOS(s aapl) version of the MyGlass software. The update, dubbed version XE12, also adds a number of new features for Glass(s goog) owners including the ability to wink and snap an image; something that was previously available through a little user tweaking.

Glass gained access to Play Music early this month but this new software update adds touch support to navigate easier through playlists and All Access radio stations. Glass also supports a new lock function for security purposes as well as the ability to send and receive Hangout calls and chats directly through the device. User created videos can be sent directly to YouTube as well. After installing the update users can also query Glass for the caloric intake of a specific food.

Now that Glass software supports iOS, the MyGlass app that briefly appeared in the Apple iTunes Store earlier in the day should make a comeback. It appears that the issue was one of timing: While iOS users could install MyGlass, they needed XE12 on their Google Glass before it would work.