Apple finally adds gifting option to iBookstore

If you’re hoping to buy an e-book for someone that doesn’t live an Amazon-centric life, you now have a new option. Apple(s aapl) has finally added to the ability to gift e-books from its iBookstore.

It’s a little surprising that it has taken this long, actually, since Amazon(s amzn) has offered this option for its Kindle titles for years. And Apple already lets you gift other digital content, like apps and music. Either way, this is still a convenient new feature for last-minute shoppers.

You can schedule an e-book delivery for a specific date, in case you want to order now but make sure your gift doesn’t arrive until Christmas morning. And similar to Apple’s other digital stores, you can only send e-books within your country.

The new gifting function works on both the iOS and OSX iBookstore apps. Simply find the title you want, select Gift from the share button in iOS or the menu in OSX, and enter the information for your intended recipient.