Viber takes its battle against Skype to Windows 8

Earlier this year, the Cyprus-based mobile messaging firm Viber became a full-blown Skype(s msft) competitor by releasing a comprehensive desktop app. A version of that app is now available for Windows 8.

Viber for Windows 8 takes advantage of several of the platform’s features. It presents a “live tile”, it can snap to the side of the screen, the search charm works for contacts, and the app – even specific conversations – can be pinned to the Start screen. Of course, users can also exchange stickers and locations as usual.

Although Windows 8’s prospects are up for debate, it’s a smart move for Viber to get in there in such an integrated fashion, particularly as Microsoft’s rival Skype service is itself now so integrated with the operating system.

However, according to, the Viber Out feature that launched about a week ago — allowing users to call normal phones for a fee – is not part of this release.