Simplify your life with NFC

NFC makes your life easier by simplifying the things you do daily. The technology makes it possible to access secure buildings, pay for train tickets, share files, make payment transactions and receive discounts through loyalty programs. You can benefit from everything that NFC offers with the simple tap of your phone.

You might be wondering how your mobile can function as a hotel key or a train ticket. The simple answer is the power of NFC (near-field-communication). Gone are the days of not being able to purchase a drink because you left your wallet at home: NFC technology brings your wallet to your mobile phone.

NFC can simplify even your travel experiences. It enables you to access a hotel room by working as a secure digital key so you won’t have to wait in the check-in line. Or upon arriving at the airport, the NFC provisioned boarding pass enables you to quickly board your plane with a tap of your mobile phone, eliminating long lines at the kiosk or worrying about a paper boarding pass.

Gemalto enables the trusted infrastructure of NFC, working behind the scenes to create the many uses and possibilities of NFC. For more ideas on how you can utilize NFC to simplify your life, view the new infographic or learn more at