IBM adds scheduler to its OpenStack stack

IBM reached into its software portfolio to provided a more sophisticated scheduler for the OpenStack customer deployments.

It’s called the Platform Resource Scheduler, and was was originally developed by Platform Computing, which IBM purchased in 2012.  This technology, originally called Platform Load Sharing Facility (LSF), found a home in many financial analysis systems, high performance computing environments, and in a number of grid computing deployments.

With Platform Resource Scheduler, you can increase the quality of service by reducing infrastructure bottlenecks, and improve application performance by scheduling tasks based upon affinity, topology, or resource utilization.  Moreover, you can manage application licenses, resources, and power.  That’s just to name a few things that it’s able to schedule.

Not really much here in terms of the effectiveness of OpenStack.  This is just a handy utility that most enterprises can leverage to better manage their OpenStack stack.  Count on seeing other forms of this product in the other OpenStack distributions in 2014, if the functionality is not there already.