IBM acquires Aspera with an eye on big data…or not

According to Derrick Harris, “IBM on Thursday announced plans to acquire Aspera, a startup whose protocol technology is used to transfer large files fast over the slow public internet. The Aspera protocol, called fasp, is used by a large number of movie studios and others that need to send gigabyte files between desktops, servers and clouds.”

IBM is spinning the acquisition as a “big data” move in the press release that announces the acquisition.  However, it has as much to do with big data as a bulldozer does with the Indy 500.  Nice try, IBM.

The reality?  File movement will always be a part of most database systems.  Most things move in large batch jobs, with gigabytes of information moving from system to system.  Aspera’s product is more of a cloud play that allows those who migrate to cloud-based platforms to leverage this file movement technology.  Typically, Federal Express speeds will not be the case.

While I’m sure some enterprises will find uses for this technology to move their data, it’s not correct to call this a “big data” technology.  I guess it’s an instance of big data washing.