2013 was a perky year for VC-backed IPO exits

There were 24 venture-backed initial public offerings in the fourth quarter of 2013  — including Twitter’s(s twtr) blockbuster IPO in November. And while that total was actually down slightly from the third quarter, it was still robust enough to make 2013 a banner year for such exits, according to a new tally from the National Venture Capital Association and Thomson Reuters.

The period ending December 31, 2013, was the third consecutive quarter to see more than 20 VC-backed IPOs and brought the total for the year to 82 IPOs, the highest number since 2007, according to the NVCA.

On the other hand, merger-and-acquisition activity among venture-backed entities was off year over year (falling to 377 deals this year from 488 deals in 2012) although the “disclosed value” of the deals that were made in the period was strong.

In a statement, John Taylor, NVCA’s head of research, noted that startup activity was no doubt boosted by the on-ramp provision in the JOBS Act. The JOBS Act, which passed the Senate (with bi-partisan support!) in March, 2012, contains provisions that allow some companies to file their IPO paperwork confidentially, and permits start-ups to solicit funding from more sources.