Unofficial $99 prescription option for Google Glass coming soon

Rochester Optical will offer a $99 prescription lens option for Google Glass(s goog), with pre-orders expected to start shortly after next week’s Consumer Electronics Show. The company shared details with SlashGear, saying it will provide more information at CES.

The $99 price tag will include lenses for the wearable display, but the price will rise with complex prescriptions, tinting and other options. Given that I wear progressive bifocals with Glass now, I suspect I’d fall into the “complex prescriptions” category. Rochester Optical hasn’t yet said how the lenses will attach to Google Glass.

Google Project Glass in NYC

Prior to the holidays, Rochester Optical opened up an online survey for Google Glass Explorers to see what types of frames and lens options people might like to see. It’s likely using that information to create a few different models based on which would be the most popular.

Google itself has said previously that it would be offering a prescription lens option for Glass, but hasn’t yet shared details. Recently, Google introduced a slightly different second version of Glass, as well as a headphone accessory to enjoy Google Play Music through the wearable display.

Glass currently works with tinted and clear shields that can attach to the device. I don’t think Google will take the same approach with prescription lenses, however. I expect something more integrated so that wearers of Glass don’t even have to think about their eyewear in pieces: “Just pop ’em on and go explore” would be the better solution.