Vine finally gets a website of its own,

In the 12 months that six-second video-sharing platform Vine has debuted and blown up, users were relegated to its mobile-only tool to see other Vines. But today, the company announced that the service finally has an internet home:

Before the new platform, it was very difficult to find a single user’s Vines all in one place. Vine’s parent company, Twitter, incorporated the videos into feeds, but it wasn’t easy — users who wanted to see a single person’s Vine trove would have to reverse-engineer through tweets to find the videos that were shared.


According to the blog post, when users log into Vine from a web browser, they can view, Like, Favorite and share Vines from other people. Users also have access to unique Vine profiles, which keep a record of every Vine that particular user has shared with others. In addition, the company has introduced “TV mode,” which allows users to view full collections of videos all at once.

Noticeably missing from the internet platform is the ability to create Vines themselves — it seems that users will still have to produce their projects through a mobile device. But the introduction of the website and, more importantly, the profiles, actually give non-Vine users better access to the videos that have been created. It’s not a particularly flashy change (in fact, I think that Vine profiles should have been available from the get-go, as they show off the service’s value to non-users), but Vine users will finally be able to have a reliable, web-friendly feed for their videos.