These $99 Google Glass prescription lenses look nice, but use a $129 clip

So much for adding prescription eyewear to Google(s goog) Glass for only $99. Rochester Optical has shown off what their design looks like to Forbes and the lenses alone start at $99. To use them with Google Glass, you’ll need a clip-on frame that costs $129 notes Slashgear.

Regardless of price, I like the general look as the addition resembles traditional wire-frame lenses; there are eight shapes that will be made available.

Rochester Optical Google Glass frame

According to John Nosta, who has worn a pair of these for the past day, the lens design takes into account the upward gaze needed to use Google Glass effectively:

“Rochester Optical scientists have created a new design where special care is taken to remove unwanted aberrations perceived by the wearer in the directions of sight associated with the HUD, giving the wearer a clear vision of the HUD, as well as the normal clear vision their lenses provide of the world around them.”

That explains the $99 price-tag on the lenses while the frames — called a Glass Prescription Lens Carrier (GPLC) — has its own additional cost. The GPLC clips on to Google Glass so you don’t have to take apart or modify your wearable display.

Rochester Optical is showing off the new lenses and GPLC at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I doubt they’ll have my exact prescription available — wouldn’t that be nice though! — but I plan to take a closer look at the product. Orders are expected to start later this month with delivery in February.