Video interview: Former Apple exec Tim Bucher wants to save your memories with Lyve

Former Apple executive Tim Bucher recently launched his new startup LyveMinds out of stealth mode. At CES, he’s now showing off the company’s new LyveHome device, and talking about their mission to simplify storing and sharing photos and videos. Check out my interview with Bucher below:


We’ve been covering LyveMinds pretty closely, even when it was in stealth mode and was then known as Black Pearl Systems. The company is moving from stealth to launch pretty quickly and this Spring they aim to sell the LyveHome for around $300. The device will offer consumers a kind of personal managed cloud for their media, automatically replicating pictures and videos across devices to always keep multiple copies and make it available everywhere where people would want to view it.

Bucher showed me a few demos, which included taking photos with a Wi-Fi-connected camera and even plugging a GoPro video camera straight into the LyveHome device. In each instance, other devices logged into the same account had access to the same media almost instantly. He explained that Lyve always keeps a database of all the media metadata, and then automatically determines where to copy files, and how to sort them. For example, photos are initially sorted by date, but Lyve also takes location data into account, and automatically starts to build collections for, say, your vacation based on that data.

Lyve is about to announce a few additional partnerships at CES, including one with Vizio, which  is officially going to be unveiled Tuesday. Vizio’s new smart TVs will offer consumers access to a Lyve app, which makes it possible to access media stored on a LyveHome device on the TV. Bucher told me that his team built an HTML5 TV app for Vizio, and added that he expects it to be available on other TV platforms in the near future as well.