CenturyLink embraces Bosh to bring Cloud Foundry to its public cloud

CenturyLink(S ctl), which has been busy building its cloud portfolio by buying AppFog and Tier 3,  is now supporting Bosh, the open-source toolchain for deploying Cloud Foundry on multiple clouds. Up till now, Bosh supported Cloud Foundry deployments on VMware(s vmw) vSphere (and vCloud director), OpenStack and Amazon(s amzn) Web Services.

CenturyLink’s support —  in the form of a Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) which will bridge Bosh and the CenturyLink Cloud — will help bring the Cloud Foundry PaaS to another public cloud, said Jared Wray, CTO of the CenturyLink Cloud business.

Stay tuned for more Bosh support: Altoros is working on a CPI that would bring Bosh to the Google Compute Cloud.  The folks behind Cloud Foundry have pushed Bosh as a critical component for cross-cloud deployments and for massive scale-out deployments.

There have been some wrinkles. Even some in the Cloud Foundry community bristled about pressure to adopt Bosh which they viewed as complex and hard to  implement. CenturyLink is supporting Bosh on Ubuntu only for now — more details are on Github.

Wray acknowledged those issues. All of this is relatively new, he said: “When products start out there’s a lot of complexity, especially in distributed systems. Bosh was a complex tool set that takes a while to understand and get to know and it’s getting easier every day.”

Customers will benefit, he said, from increased automation of deployment and management of their cloud. “Everyone talks about Chef and Puppet configuration management tools but Bosh does the full operational stack — the deploy, update– it does all that operational work — that’s the Bosh magic.”