T-Mobile CEO gets thrown out of AT&T’s CES party

John Legere: Wireless industry maverick or marketing genius? Turns out a little bit of both — and a big fan of Macklemore. CNET’s Roger Cheng reports that, after watching the T-Mobile(s tmus) CEO effortlessly crash AT&T’s(s t) party at the Consumer Electronics Show Monday night and subsequently tweeting about it, Legere was promptly surrounded by security guards and ejected from the party.

Legere, in a pink T-Mobile shirt, along with chief financial officer Braxton Carter, told Cheng they were there to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform. And that could very well be true, but something tells me this was more about publicity. After all, T-Mobile is holding its Uncarrier 4.0 conference at the show on Wednesday, where Legere plans to break news about T-Mobile’s latest plans to “crush the competition.”

And Legere likely didn’t need to crash the party at all. Cheng reports that Legere and co. got to see Macklemore perform after all, through tickets from his agent.