The folks at Sleep Number embrace the internet of things with a pricey bed

The Sleep Number line of mattresses has bought into this quantified self movement with what might be the largest gimmick of the myriad connected devices I’ve seen. Select Comfort, the company behind the Sleep Number brand, is launching a connected bed — the Sleep Number x12 — that will have sensors embedded in the bed and will connect to an app that delivers a sleep score for users. A queen sized version of the bed starts at $7,999.99.

That’s a lot of money for a mattress and a lot of confidence in an app and sensors that will still work with a bed designed to last about 10 years (my current mattress is closer to 13 years old, but I’m still sleeping well on it, so I don’t plan on changing it). The app and the technology associated with the package is branded SleepIQ, and the idea is that having sensors inside the bed track far more movements and can better tell how you are sleeping.


Later in the year, SleepIQ technology will be available across all Sleep Number beds and at lower price. For example, the Queen Sleep Number c3 bed with SleepIQ technology will be $999. That’s still on the high-end of a connected gadget (although cheap for a connected desk), and given that the new Withings’ sleep monitoring system comes with a mattress bad and a lamp that monitors your external environment for $299, I think I’ll skip the connected bed.