Actually, Vizio hasn’t given up on 3D TVs, but on 3D glasses

Vizio made some headlines this week at CES with its decision not to include any 3D TVs into its lineup of 2014 sets. Some saw this as a sign that 3D TV was dead — but Vizio CTO Matt McRae didn’t think that was accurate when I caught up with him at his company’s CES showcase Tuesday. Vizio hasn’t given up on 3D altogether, he told me. The company just realized that consumers don’t want to wear those glasses.

That’s why Vizio is now investing all of its R&D money in that field into glasses-free 3D. The company was already demonstrating glasses-free 3D at last year’s CES, but this time around, it had a greatly improved demonstration that featured 3D imagery viewable from 14 viewing angles. A representative of a major retailer that was looking at the demonstration with me enthusiastically said: “I could sell this!”

However, Vizio isn’t quite ready to supply it yet. McRae told me that it will likely take two more years until the company will be able to produce a glasses-free TV at an affordable price. In the mean time, Vizio is betting big on 4K, with both an overwhelmingly huge 120 inch 4K TV and an affordable 50 inch version entry-level model, which will sell for $1000.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user bark.