Apigee buys InsightsOne to help APIs make predictions

API-management specialist Apigee has acquired InsightsOne, a predictive analytics startup that launched in 2012 and was founded by former Yahoo data executives Waqar Hasan and Jagdish Chand.

Apigee has been one of the companies pushing the importance of APIs as a way to connect applications and data in a digital, app-focused economy, and has added a couple of analytics features over the years to help customers measure their API usage. The goal with the InsightsOne acquisition, CEO Chet Kapoor said in an interview this week, is to help customers connect their API data with other enterprise data and help them make actionable predictions about their businesses. InsightsOne Co-founder Hasan calls it moving from “automated interaction” to “intelligent interaction.”

The InsightsOne architecture.

The InsightsOne architecture.

Hasan said his company did work with insurance provider Independent Blue Cross to help identify a month early which customers were going to be upset, so it could proactively reach out to them. Connecting this knowledge with an API might have let it feed that data to call centers or a mobile app for agents, or maybe even automatically to consumers or health care partners. Perhaps API data from a partner, or data on how partners and customers are accessing the Blue Cross API, could help make predictions, too.

On a consumer level, you might think about it like if your fitness-tracking device connected with your medical data and Facebook to help predict that you’re in for trouble and send you a message to get off the couch or risk a heart attack.

“You cannot do this stuff in isolation, this big data stuff,” Kapoor said.

InsightsOne will become part of the Apigee suite of API services, and will integrate with the rest of Apigee platform in time, he added. Terms of the deal are undisclosed.