Appboy generates loyalty through data performance

After the initial wave of downloads subsides, how do you keep your mobile audience engaged? According to Appboy, 46 percent of people stop using an app after one month. Appboy turned to MongoDB and ObjectRocket to empower insights for companies and engagement with millions of users through push notification, in-app messaging and news feed.

The power of Appboy is in the algorithm that creates profiles based on analysis of users’ demographics, behavior and previous purchases. Appboy then divides the population into different personas, such as the skeptical user, ready to convert and big spender. Even though your app may have an audience in the millions, this segmentation empowers you to create content in a targeted way, facilitating increased interaction and loyalty among users.

The Appboy analytics engine is built on MongoDB and collects billions of data points each month. To help manage this data, the Appboy team turned to the ObjectRocket, the high-performance database as a service by Rackspace. This partnership has assisted with the massive amount of data collection needed to make a truly unique experience for each user. After all, everyone wants to feel special, even in a sea of millions.

Read more about Appboy in a blog post by CIO and co-founder Jon Hyman.