This is what Nokia’s Android UI could look like

Wondering what Nokia’s(s msft) version of Android(s goog) could look like? You no longer have to imagine, thanks to some leaked screens from frequently accurate insider @evleaks. The images purportedly show Nokia’s skinned Android interface, which brings a lot of elements from its other phone UIs into the mix.

Nokia Android

Looking at these screens, the only thing that seems noticeably Android is the notifications bar at the top of the screen. Aside from that, I’m seeing a lot of elements from Nokia’s Asha and Windows Phone devices here, like the bright colors, tile-like designs, and the style of those notifications on the far left. It also looks like Skype comes preloaded, which is owned by Microsoft and comes standard on Windows Phone. And there are no onscreen control buttons — just a single back button.

It is still unclear whether Nokia plans to release an Android-powered phone at some point in the future. It seems unlikely, given Microsoft’s involvement, but there’s a chance it could help Microsoft out as well.