Caller ID is coming to the Fitbit Force next month

When Fitbit (see disclosure) introduced its latest activity tracker, the Fitbit Force, it said the device would eventually gain a caller ID feature. On Wednesday the company confirmed to SlashGear that this feature will finally be making an appearance in February.

The update will allow you to see who is calling via a scrolling update across the band’s small display. This should prove useful in instances when your phone is another room, buried in a bag, or stuck in your pocket, but your Fitbit Force is right on your wrist. You can’t use the band to answer a call, but at least you’ll know if it’s worth getting up for.

I wouldn’t say that caller ID is a game changer, but it definitely makes the Force a little more attractive than your average activity tracker. I didn’t even take it into account when I compared the Force to another excellent activity tracker, the Jawbone UP24, last month.

The only downside is that the feature will only be compatible with iOS(s aapl) devices to start. You can still use the Force with a number of Android(s goog) phones, but you won’t have access to caller ID.

Disclosure: Fitbit is backed by True Ventures, a venture capital firm that is an investor in the parent company of Gigaom. Om Malik, founder of Gigaom, is also a venture partner at True.