Cloud computing changing the IT workforce

FierceCIO has reported that the growing ranks of IT professionals being lured to contracting and consulting firms is largely driven by the growth of cloud computing.   “The number of IT pros who will switch gears from full-time traditional employers to contracting firms and consultancies will increase this year and next year due to cloud computing.”

While I would call somebody working for a consulting company a full time employee, the notion that IT is looking to consume cloud talent using contract resources seems to be case.   As cloud computing has taken off, the need for those with cloud computing skills has grown sharply as well.   Coming off years of hiring freezes and reduced budgets, IT leaders are hesitant to hire new full time employees and are instead turning to outside consultants for help.

Thus, the consulting firms go looking for cloud talent to file these roles and are offering big dollars to lure cloud players from traditional businesses, thus why we are seeing a shift.

As time progresses those with mad cloud skills are likely to move back into the ranks of traditional IT, as enterprises understand that they need some talent in house.    Moreover, as enterprises consider cloud computing more strategic to the business, they will also likely allocate the money to pay these people market wages.    Perhaps they should never leave in the first place.