Nokia’s Lumia Black update is rolling out to Lumia phones now

Good new, Lumia owners. Nokia’s latest software update, Lumia Black, is rolling out now. Nokia announced the rollout on Thursday on its Conversations blog, along with details of the many new features it brings.

Arugably the most important aspect of this update is that it enables Bluetooth LE across the Windows Phone 8(s msft) Lumia range. This means you’ll now be able to use your phone with Bluetooth LE-compatible devices.

App folders are another helpful new feature. You can now group similar apps into a folder on your Start screen, like you can on Android(s goog) and iOS(aapl) devices. A new Glance screen brings better notifications, giving you real-time updates for your phone, texts, email, calendar, apps and more. And Nokia Beamer allows you to mirror what’s on your phone with HTML5-enabled screen by simply scanning a QR code and beaming it over.

The rest of the update is camera and imaging focused. One cool new feature is Nokia Refocus, which allows you to change the focal point on an image after it has been taken. Nokia Storyteller arranges your photos by date, time and place and plots them on an interactive map, creating a “story” out of your images.

And Nokia’s new Camera app – which was previously only available on PureView phones – is included in the update as well. Lumia 1020 owners will also receive raw DNG support, which allows you to capture raw images.

It’s a pretty big update, and if you own a compatible Lumia device, it’s one you’ll definitely want to download. It’s rolling out now for the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925, with other models to follow in the coming weeks. To find out when your phone will be next, you can check here.