shows off cloud DVR at CES, readies expansion to U.K. is selling a DVR that is geared towards cord cutters, allowing them to record free over-the-air HD TV and stream these recordings to mobile and connected devices. CEO Mark Ely has been talking about adding cloud DVR functionality to its product for some time, in part to make it easier for people to stream videos on the go without having to rely on the upload speeds of their home internet connection.

At the sidelines of CES, he showed me a demo that was streaming TV show episodes straight from Amazon’s (S AMZN) S3 cloud storage service. The demo also made use of a new HTML user interface that integrates TV guide data from Gracenote and offers users a way to find any TV show episode that they may have missed to record on Netflix, (S NFLX) Hulu and other streaming services.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.24.15 PM’s new web UI, which is currently in development. Notice how some of the shows have a small cloud icon, indicating that copies are stored on the cloud DVR.

Ely said that hasn’t determined the exact price of the offering, or the amount of storage offered to consumers. He told me that there are no plans to offer unlimited storage, as Boxee did with its since-defunct cloud DVR, but that it will likely also work with first-generation devices. recently launched completely revamped hardware, which is being manufactured by Silicondust, and offers consumers two tuners for $250. Silicondust is pretty well known amongst cord cutting enthusiasts for its networked TV tuners, which it is selling in countries around the world. The company’s CEO Ted Head said that he plans to sell in every single market in which SiliconDust currently sells its products, and that it will help him to reach new customers who weren’t as technical as SiliconDust’s core audience. “Marrying up with is perfect,” he said.

First up on the list of expansions could be the U.K. Ely told me that the two companies could launch a version that can handle Europe’s different broadcast standards in that country as early as April.

The next version of's web UI will suggest alternative sources for streaming if an episode of a show didn't get recorded.

The next version of’s web UI will suggest alternative sources for streaming if an episode of a show didn’t get recorded.