Video: A first look at the Roku TV

Roku announced its first TV sets at CES in Las Vegas this week, and I spotted one of the models at Hisense’s booth. Take a look at a really quick demo I got from a Roku employee:


As you may notice, the UI is very similar to the existing Roku boxes, with the exception of added channel tiles for any of the TV’s input devices. If you connect a cable box or an over-the-air antenna to your Roku TV, it essentially becomes a tile on Roku’s home screen. The ability to shut down the TV and then resume where you left off is interesting, but I was told that this only works for any input devices, meaning you can resume live TV but not Netflix (s NFLX) this way.

Roku announced that it was going to produce a total of six Roku TV models in cooperation with Hisense and TCL. Roku TVs from both manufacturers have virtually the same UI, except for a different color scheme and slightly different icons for input devices.