Verizon to sell Oracle by the drink…big deal

As reported by Barb Darrow, “Oracle customers who want to pay for their use of Oracle databases or Fusion middleware by the hour will be able to do so from Verizon Cloud, slated to be broadly available this year.”

Of course, you probably know that you can also rent the Oracle technology on AWS and Azure.  However, the Verizon CTO states:

“Verizon offers a much more complete and enterprise-ready set of Oracle capabilities. AWS focuses on Oracle Standard Edition database and not all the associated bells and whistles including the full Oracle Enterprise edition database and Real Application Clustering (RAC), all of which will be available from Verizon, he said.”

Not much news here.  Moreover, the way that Verizon is playing this up, there does not seem to be more exciting news in the near future.

If Verizon is going to thrive in this market, it needs to prove that they are able to be more innovative and creative than the other public cloud computing providers.  Just pushing out services that other players already have, with a few new bells and whistles won’t cut it.