Post-PC CRM startup Linko scores $2.6M, snaps up Localstream for location context

Linko, a mobile enterprise startup operating out of Berlin, San Francisco and Helsinki, has just picked up two rather useful things: $2.6 million in seed funding, and another Berlin-based startup called Localstream.

Both should help Linko flesh out its customer relationship management (CRM) product, which is all about automatically pulling data from various other apps the salesperson might have on her mobile device. This provides contextual information for a searchable social feed, and cuts down on time-consuming manual entry.

“It’s a smart, CRM-focused address book,” Mark McMahon, one of Localstream’s co-founders, told me on Tuesday, explaining that Linko can pull data from Google(s goog), Google+, Facebook(s fb), LinkedIn(s lnkd), Microsoft(s msft) Exchange, DropBox and more. “The more signals we get from different systems, the better our ranking becomes.”

In that scenario, location helps provide another piece of the contextual puzzle. Localstream’s founders used to work on what became Nokia(s nok)’s Here location platform, and in the last year or two had been developing a “browsable hierarchy of locations” that recognizes places and neighbourhoods, linking them to a database of alternative and translated names and so on.

According to McMahon, the idea now is to be able to, for example, scan through business documents held in a linked Dropbox account and automatically detect location entities that are mentioned.

Linko’s “post-PC”, bring-your-own apps focus makes it an interesting startup to watch. It’s currently in private beta, but the company tells me it will open up around mid-February.