Tesla delivers a lot more cars than expected last quarter

There’s some good and bad news for Tesla out on Tuesday. At the Detroit Auto Show, Tesla execs told reporters that it had delivered 6,900 Model S cars to customers, which is hundreds of more cars than its guidance for the fourth quarter of 2013 of “slightly under 6,000.” The good news pushed up Tesla’s stock to almost $150 per share at one point in morning trading.

Then there’s the less good news. While we reported on Tesla’s decision to issue customers new charging adapters and an over-the-air software update for chargers, the New York Times reports that the move was actually an official voluntary recall, and publishes Tesla’s letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The recall affected 29,222 Model S cars, which means that’s probably how many cars Tesla has shipped in total (not including the Roadster).

But even though its a recall, Tesla says customers don’t have to bring in their cars to the dealership, and the software update takes care of any problem. Wireless networks and software are delivering a new era for the connected car, and Tesla is at the forefront of that.