Spotify seeks to build the ultimate workout playlist based on your heart rate

There are plenty of good services out there for automatically generated music playlists, but Spotify is looking to take this idea one step further. According to The Guardian, the company said it is looking into a new feature that can generate customized playlists by using sensors that indicate a listener’s heart rate and motion.


Here’s how it could work. By collecting certain data points from a listener – such as heart rate, motion and maybe even body temperature – Spotify can correlate this information with its own recommendation algorithms to generate playlists relevant to your current physical state. This means you can automatically get an upbeat soundtrack for working out or something much softer and soothing to go to sleep. That’s definitely a feature I’d be interested in, having fallen victim to the occasional slow jam while listening to random playlists at the gym.

Don’t get your hopes up for this new feature appearing any time soon — it sounds like it’s still in the conceptual stage at this point. There’s no mention of Spotify itself creating a wearable sensor to collect this information, either.

Instead, Sung suggests that the idea is very much dependent on the technology being built into your smartphone. That means your phone will need to be able to track your heart rate and body temperature, in addition to your motion. And while many phones currently do a great job of collection motion data, there still isn’t a way to seamlessly measure heart rate and temperature without an external sensor.

Still, it’s an intriguing idea, and even if it takes time, I hope it’s one we see come to fruition.