Apple brings iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager to more countries

Apple(s aapl) on Tuesday announced that it has expanded the reach of iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager into a number of new markets across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and elsewhere. iBooks Textbooks is now available is 51 countries including Brazil, Italy and Japan, while iTunes U Course Manager is available in 70 countries including Malaysia, Russia and Thailand.

In case you aren’t familiar, iBooks Textbooks bring full screen textbooks to the iPad, along with interactive animations, rotating diagrams, photo galleries and video. Oxford University Press on Tuesday also announced the launch of 13 new iBooks Textbooks, including Headway, the world’s best-selling English course.

iTunes U Course Manager, meanwhile, allows teachers to share lessons directly with a class or larger audience via a free app. It also provides a massive catalog of educational content from a number of prominent universities.

As Apple faces increasing competition from the likes of Amazon(s amzn) (via Whispercast) and Samsung (which has placed Chromebooks(s goog) into a number of U.S. districts), expanding its educational reach like this makes sense. Not only does it increase the company’s ability to sell iBooks, it can also help put iPads into the hands of countless more students worldwide.