Leaked screenshots might offer glance at Apple’s iOS in the Car

When Apple(s aapl) announced iOS in the Car back at WWDC in June, it offered relatively few details about how the feature will work, or even what it will look like. There’s some information and press images available on the company’s site, but other than that, details remain scarce. We might have a better idea of what it looks like, though, thanks to developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who shared a number of what appear to be leaked screenshots of the upcoming feature today on Twitter(s twtr).

iOS in the Car map

As you can see in Troughton-Smith’s image above, this screen looks rather different from the image currently available on Apple’s site, below:

Apple site ios in the car

In the new image, the status bar has been moved horizontally (likely so it takes up less of the overall screen real estate). There also appear to be Bookmarks and Destinations menus, as seen in the upper right and left hand corners of the above screens. And in the image below, it looks like there might be a home screen for apps, though the example shown here is rather bare.

iOS in the car home screen

Also noteworthy is a warning screen, which is common across GPS devices.

iOS in the Car warning

Basically, these screens make it look like Apple is merging its Maps app with a somewhat familiar-looking GPS setup. But it should be able to do more than what you see here. According to Apple, iOS in the Car will also let you use Siri Eyes Free to make phone calls, send and receive messages, access your music and get directions. It’ll be interesting to see if those features change from what Apple originally pictured.

It is believed that Apple will finally introduce the feature when it releases an update to iOS 7.1, which is currently in its fourth beta with developers. Troughton-Smith posted these images to Twitter without further commentary, but it is possible they came from a simulator in the latest beta.