Pocket adds AirPlay support for watching saved videos on the big screen

Pocket, the popular offline reading app just learned a new trick: Thanks to support for AirPlay, the Pocket app for iOS can pipe saved videos to a larger screen with Apple TV(s aapl). The improvement was announced on Wednesday on the Pocket blog. Why even add AirPlay support? Pocket says more than 2 million videos are saved by its users each week; that’s a pretty good reason for the addition.

pocket airplay

Playback works in the background as well:

“With the help of Apple TV, you’ll now be able to watch all the videos you’ve saved to Pocket on your very own television. Your videos will even keep playing when you exit the Pocket app, perfect for multi-taskers who want to check their email, Twitter, or simply just lean back and relax.”

I’ve long been a fan of Pocket over Apple’s own Reading List in Safari, partially because of how the company keeps improving the app. It also doesn’t hurt that Pocket is widely supported on multiple platforms and devices. When I switch from my iPhone 5s or iPad Air to a non-iOS device, I can still easily access my saved articles. With the new AirPlay video support though, I might be reaching for my iPhone a little bit more.