Samsung’s rose gold Galaxy Note 3 is headed to Verizon

If you view the world through rose-colored glasses, you won’t need to put them on to look at the rose gold Galaxy Note 3. Samsung announced the new color back in December, saying that it would become available in certain areas according to “each market’s preference.” Now, according to Samsung’s Mobile U.S. press site, it looks like the rose gold variant will be launching soon on Verizon Wireless(s vz)(s vod).

Galaxy Note 3 Verizon

So far there’s been no official announcement about this from either Samsung or Verizon. But the product page on Samsung’s site shows images of the phone with Verizon branding on the back, and notes the phone is “Available exclusively on Verizon Wireless.” Aside from the color, it’s the same exact Galaxy Note 3. And judging from the press images, even the rose gold itself doesn’t make for a radical change in the look of the device. It only appears on the band around the middle of the phone, on the S Pen, and on some other minor detailing on the front and back.

There’s no pricing information, but I’m pretty certain it’ll sell for the same price as the black and white models. A Verizon spokesman verified the phone will be a carrier exclusive and will be available by the end of the month.

This post was updated at 6:33am with additional information from Verizon.